Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics is fast becoming a central strategic factor in the global market. And with the competitive market always changing, product availability is fast becoming a key selling point.

DSH Global Logistics are well aware of the importance of our customers needs and with our own fleet of trucks, we are able to meet all these needs. Be at a 1 Kg carton to a 40’ Flat Rack or oversized bulk cargo in all ports and Airports throughout Australia.

Australia is a sparsely populated continent, and has the lowest population density in the world, which leaves great distances separating all cities and ports. DSH Global Logistics closes this distance with a country wide network of offices and partners dedicated to ensuring your freight can be moved anywhere in Australia by either truck, rail or air totally in house.

By keeping all our Transport In house, we are able to provide our clients with precise delivery times and tailor all deliveries to our clients needs.

Warehousing is, of course, a critical factor in any supply chain. Warehousing is being able to provide storage, order processing, preparation and distribution of consignments.

DSH Global Logistics have a ‘hands on approach’ to all Warehousing, as we are aware of the importance of efficiency and accuracy required.

This level of professionalism has seen DSH Global Logistics being awarded the contract for supplying a machine into every Mc Donalds store throughout Australia for the 2nd time in three years. This process included DSH shipping all machines from the overseas supplier to all ports in Australia, then delivering a coffee machine to every Mc Donalds restaurant in Australia.