Q) How is Australian Customs duty calculated?

A) Australian Customs duty is calculated on the FOB value of the goods contained in the consignment.



Q) How much Duty is payable?

A) The rate of Customs Duty is determined by the harmonised commodity code that the goods are classified under – contact us for more information regarding your specific type of goods.



Q) What is GST?

A) GST stands for “goods and services tax"



Q) How is GST calculated?

A) GST is calculated as 10% of the (CIF + Duty) amount – contact us for more information



Q) What about Australian Quarantine requirements?

A) Australia has one of the most stringent quarantine policies throughout the world. This is due to Australia being an island and our relative remoteness from the rest of the world keeps Australia free from many exotic pests and diseases that ruin many crops in other parts of the world.

It is advisable to check with us prior to importing any animal, vegetable, wooden or biological product into Australia as there are often import permits required or certain procedures that need to be adhered to.