Consultancy Services

Through our daily liaisons with Australian customs officials and our knowledge of current Australian customs issues and legislations, we are ideally positioned to help our clients meet their obligations with regards to Customs.

DSH believe that a frequently overlooked area of opportunity for cost reduction is customs duties. We know that the importation of goods brings with it a multitude of questions and costs that can seem baffling.

Why not lower your costs?

A customs duty review will often lead to substantial indirect tax reductions that can be applied to your business including refunds of past duty and taxes paid.


Our services offered are as follows:

  • Securing beneficial classifications and duty rates
  • Reviewing entitlement to preferential and non-preferential origin
  • Advise in negotiations on customs valuations
  • Advising on and securing Duty reliefs
  • Support with investigations
  • Advise with Anti-Dumping issues
  • Australian and global trade facilitation